• Pay Per Install

    We offer high quality software bundles that will offer your users premium experience and useful additions for their PC. We have probably the best performing installer on the market today. It lets us offer some stunning white label software products. PPI campaigns are our specialty not only because of its high-profitability, but also because of its low impact on the user experience. We have the software, you have the traffic, let’s shake hands and make money. Once you start using our software bundles you will be surprised how much your traffic is worth. Our installer is fully-compatible with all popular web browsers. It performs equally well on both Mac and Windows.

  • Banner Ads

    Classic banner ads are still the most widespread format for display and mobile advertising. It is one of the most used traffic monetizing method online. We offer clean and creative ads available in many standard sizes: 300×250, 468×60, 728×90, 120×600, 160×600, 800×600, 800×440 and many more. We can also work with custom sizes and banners. We can also offer you different formats such as static banners, HTML5 and others. This dramatically increases target audience engagement and give publishers extra inventory without impacting on existing ad spaces.

  • Pop-under Ads

    Looking for high-profitable ads no matter what? You want to get paid for every ad impression? If so, then pop-under aka “onclick” ads are just for you. Not just any pop unders, but the ones with highest CPM rates on the market, delivered by NextAd Media. A full page ad or landing page shows hidden behind the main browser window the user works in. It is noticed only after the main browser window is closed. That way the user is not disturbed and their main work in the browser window is not disrupted. We provide billions of pop ads impressions every month, which guarantee great results for both publishers and advertisers.

  • Browser Extension Monetization

    Browser extension monetization is yet another way to get extra revenue for your hard work. We offer innovative technology to monetize your browser add-ons without disturbing the user experience. We have solutions for the top browsers that will help you increase your revenues significantly. All you need to do is only implement a short strip of JS code and you can start making money. You have the control and make the decision what ads you show to your users. Whether you choose for banner ads, text or in-text ads, you make the choice yourself. We only work with top-tier advertisers that offer premium ads. We make sure that the ad inventory is of top quality both for you and your users.

  • Flash Games Monetization

    If you owe a flash game web portal and you are not happy with its profit, then you might think something else despite ad banners. We have developed a unique formula thanks to our downloader, which will help you:

    • - Increase the number of returning users
    • - Increase the number of ad impressions
    • - Increase the user satisfaction
    • - Get extra profit from your website
    • For further information about Flash Games Monetization please feel free to contact us.

  • Sharing/Download Portals

    NextAd Media is probably the best performing advertising company in the sharing industry and on download portals. Thanks to our ad variety and high-profitability we work with some of the biggest websites in the file-sharing and video-hosting branches. Our extended portfolio allows us to offer custom solutions for each type of website. If you owe a file-sharing or video-hosting website, you just don’t want to miss our offers. Publishers just love it and, most of all, users don’t mind to use it. If you are interested in becoming part of our big network of publishers and take advantage of the benefits we offer, please, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are flexible and the solution will be tailor made for your needs and according to your requirements.